As many of you know, I was asked to speak to the junior and senior class of Vista Ridge High School in Cedar Park about making good choices, specifically pertaining to drinking and driving.  About a week before the actual presentation, I went and met with a group of students who were putting it on.  I told them my story and we decided what was the most important part of it, so I went and wrote up my story for them.

Catherine Beckerley, one of the assistant principals, and the reason I was there, had told me all about this program that they did every  year, but due to so many deaths of their students this year, they wanted to change it up a bit and concentrate more on someone who made these bad choices and had to live with them and how it impacted their life.  That is where I came in.  So, on Thursday, I went up to the school to see the first part of the students presentation and I was just so impressed!  I want to tell yall about it.

The two-day program that is normally used, is designed to educate students, parents, and the community about the serious issue of underage drinking and driving, by providing a realistic experience and encouraging them to make positive choices.  The presentation is held before the school’s prom, an occasion on which teenagers are most likely to consume alcoholic beverages.

Shattered Dreams–targeted at underage drinking and driving–involves the dramatization of an alcohol-related accident staged in front of the school.  While the entire student body watches, police, fire and other emergency personnel will respond to the scene.  The “victim” students will be transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital, while the “deceased” students will be transported to a nearby funeral home.  The “drunk driver” will be arrested and transported to the nearby jail for book-in and arraignment.

Throughout the first day, the Grim Reaper will enter a classroom every 15 minutes and select a student victim, known as the “living dead.”  When the program first originated in the mid-1990’s, the 15 minute time period represented how often someone was killed in an alcohol-related accident.  As students are pulled from class, a police officer will read the student’s obituary that was written by their parents.  At the end of the school day, the Living Dead crash victims and drunk driver are taken on an overnight retreat to enhance the learning experience.

On Day 2, a mock memorial service is held at the high school, viewed by all students and faculty, in memory of the crash victims and the Living Dead.  The parents of the deceased are there, they have their friends as pallbearers, etc.  It is a very emotional event.

This year, Vista Ridge parents were concerned that the program may hit a little too close to home.  Yall may remember the young couple that was killed on Parmer Lane a few months ago.  They were students at Vista Ridge.

As the committee met and tried to figure out what to do instead, Mrs. Beckerley walked into the room and heard them talking.  They were wanting to focus more on encouraging the kids to make good decisions, and maybe there was a way to find someone to speak to them who had made bad choices and had to live with them.  Well Mrs. Beckerley used to be the assistant principal at Elgin High when my mom was the principal and we are great friends, so she mentioned me to the committee, but said she didn’t know if I would do it.

Well, she texted me and asked me and I said sure!  I didn’t hesitate at all.  A couple of years ago, I had been asked to do it and said no and I always regretted it, so maybe that is why I was so quick to accept.  It is so much bigger than me and I could save the lives of so many by sharing my story, so this is something I had to do.

We arranged the date and she asked me this week if I wanted to come on Thursday and see the first half of the kids presentation and then we could practice afterwards.  I was very excited to see what the kids were doing.  So, on Thursday, I went up to the school and all of the juniors and seniors were in the gym and they had a big screen set up and they showed a film that a group of the students had made.  They were at school and one of the kid’s parents were going out of town, so they were planning a party and inviting all the kids over.

So, the movie then showed the party and all the kids getting really drunk and a neighbor called the cops because it was so loud.  The cops arrived and all the kids took off running and got in their cars and took off.  The kids that didn’t get to run off were arrested and taken to jail.  At the end of the film, you hear a crash and that was the end.  You had to wait until Friday to see what happened.

In the meantime, the principals had been taking students out of class, one by one, every few minutes during the morning.  Nobody knew what was going on, why they were being pulled out of class, but they did not return.  These kids were the kids that were being “arrested” because of the party.  They took them to the local jail and had their mugshots taken and then they were confined to a classroom and had to stay the night there, with only one phone call to their parents, no shower, just isolation.

Friday morning, the juniors and seniors were called back to the gym and several of the kids that had been at the “party” were now speaking about the victims and the horrible decisions that they had made and now they had to live with the consequences of their friends dying or going to jail.  It was very moving.  The kids did such a good job and I didn’t even know them and I was so proud of them.  The kids in the audience were so good too.  Everyone was quite and paid close attention to what was going on.  You could tell they were taking it very serious.  After this, Mrs. Beckerley introduced me and I went on stage and shared my experiences with making really bad choices.

I had written out my story and I didn’t know if I was going to read it or try to do it from memory.  At the end, Sarah helped me decide to just read it.  That way I would be more comfortable and I wouldn’t miss any of the important points I wanted to make.  The kids paid attention to me the entire time.  It was probably about 20 minutes long.  When I finished, they clapped so loud for me. They were so nice.  I really think I had an impact on them.  I told them about all of the chances I had and I screwed up every time by making the wrong decision and eventually, it caught up with me.

I told them how expensive it is being paralyzed, how many things I can’t do because I can’t walk, all the challenges I face on a daily basis by being in a wheelchair, but I also told them that I am blessed to be alive.  I really think that I have found my calling.  I have always wondered what it was that I am supposed to be doing and I think now I know!  I think I will be speaking to many groups of students in the future and that I am going to save many lives through my testimony.

I am very grateful to Mrs. Beckerley and Vista Ridge High School for inviting me to speak to their students.  They were so nice and appreciative.  They gave me flowers and a gift card and parents and teachers came and thanked me and it was a great feeling  I have always been so scared to do this but I wasn’t this time.  I knew that I had to do it.  Now I will be doing it in Pflugerville next month and who knows after that!  I am very excited to see where this road takes me!!!!




How happy are you with your skin???

I wasn’t sure what the right approach for this article was and I still am not really sure.  Although this is a sales pitch, in a way, it is also meant to be informative and educate you about these amazing products that I get more and more excited about every day.  I know it is long, but I will hope you will read all the way through.  I tried to make it not too boring.

So, several months ago, a good friend of mine from childhood (why does that seems so far behind us these days, sniff, sniff :() began selling Rodan+Fields.  I remember seeing her posts on facebook but didn’t really pay attention.  I am sure a lot of you see my posts and don’t really pay attention.  I understand completely.  Then she sent me a message about it and I was intrigued.  My mom has ALWAYS been super obsessed with skincare products.  I have seen everything in her bathroom from Oil of Olay, to Lancome, to Estee Lauder, to Neutrogena.  You name, she has tried it!  I have always been completely opposite and have never even washed my face.  I can remember being in high school and staying the night with friends who washed their faces every night before bed.  Not me though.  I have occassional breakouts, of course, but never had a problem with acne or anything, thank goodness, because I have friends who have and it is not fun.  As I am getting older though, when I see pictures of myself, I have begun to notice the lines on my face.  I am most self-consious about the deep laugh lines around my mouth.  My mom has always been obsessed with hers around her eyes.  There are many things that we do as people that affect our skin.  For me, I have spent entirely too much time in the sun.  Up until a year ago, I had a swimming pool in my backyard and every summer since I was 5 years old was spent in the sun in the pool!  I have friends and family who smoke cigarettes and in my opinion, I think that causes so much damage to your skin.  It really ages a person, but I also know that it is not easy to quit something like that overnight.  I guess my point is that, whether we are young or old, we should be conerned about our skin.  When we have pretty skin, we feel pretty and when we feel pretty, we are happier.  Let me help you feel pretty and happy!  I know I do!

So, I got a little off my original point up there, haha.  My friend approached me about the products.  She gave me the whole spill…Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields are dermatologists with years and years of experience and they are the co-creators of the very well-known acne skincare line, Proactiv.  They decided to come out with something that would help with the aging process and it has been a hit since day 1!  They began in 2002 and in high end department stores such as Nordstrom.  It quickly became number one and Estee Lauder bought the brand!  They started to see that the people that were coming to buy the products weren’t just coming to the store and seeing them, they had heard about the products from other people and then came to buy them.  This was the first sign that perhaps the products weren’t reaching enough people.  I don’t know about yall, but I know I can’t afford to shop at Nordstrom’s.  I have probably been there once or twice in my life.  I am more of a JC Penney girl myself, hehe.  In 2006, a PR initiative demonstrated that direct sales could be the perfect vehicle for the company.  The doctors approached Estee Lauder about the idea, but since this wasn’t really the way they were used to doing business, they sold their owndership rights back to Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields, while retaining a vested interest in the brand. In 2008, Rodan + Fields became the first prestigious skincare brand to exit retail and enter the direct sales market.  That was 5 years ago, but I had never heard of the brand or the products.  I went to the website to check it out and told my friend that yes, I was very interested but wow, the prices were a little high for me, so I didn’t think it was possible.

If any of you have looked at the products, you may have thought the same thing.  For someone like my mom, who has spent a TON of money on a TON of products that never really give her the results she is hoping for, this is very ideal.  For someone like me though, who doesn’t even wash my face, I was like wow…that is a lot of money.  Being the wonderful saleswoman that she is, my friend told me she understood and then broke it down for me and made me feel a lot better about it.  Depending on which regimen you want, the start up kit is between $150 and $200.  I saw those numbers and didn’t really think about much else.  So she told me the best deal is to become a preferred customer, which is a $19.95 initial fee, but then you get 10% off of your orders, plus FREE 2 day shipping!  Then, every 60 days you have to do an $80 order.  This is perfect because by that time, you are probably running out of or are getting low on one or two of the steps in your regimen, or you may want some of the other cool products offered!  After she told me about this, I started getting really excited, and I went for it! 

I started out with the Reverse regimen.  On the website, there is a quiz/tool you can use to see what your skin needs most.  For me, I felt like the sun damage and dark spots on my face were probably what I was most self-conscious about.  So, the one dark spot I had on my forehead was my main concern and guess what, it is gone now!  After the first two months, it was time to do my $80 order.  When I began using the products, I think I used way too much of everything, so I was out of toner and out of the wash, so I ordered those two items, along with the gauze to apply toner and some chapstick.  Then I saw some results pictures of the Redefine customers and oh wow, I just couldn’t believe it!  I still see pictures and I am in complete awe!  I decided then that I was going to order the Redefine regimen and give my sister my Reverse products.  That was several months ago and I am still loving the results I am getting and how pretty my skin looks! 

From the beginning, I have been asked to be a consultant.  I have been asked by several people.  Everyone thinks because I know so many people, I would be able to get the word out and get everyone on board with these wonderful skincare products!  I knew however that although I love to talk, gossip, research, etc., I am not a great salesman.  I am very self-conscious and scared to talk to people!  I get scared trying to even figure out what to say to people.  Writing is definitely more up my alley, but in this business, writing is not the way to get the word out…(but hey, I decided to try anyways!).  So, I knew I could never afford to do it, because the cheaper kit for the consultants is $795!  The best deal is $995, but I didn’t think I would ever be able to come up with either of those.  Then I started working again and eventually, after seeing the my friend was able to quit her teaching job because she was making more money doing this, I decided to go for it! 

I have gotten off to a slow start.  Between being extremely busy at work, plus the many other things going on in my life, I haven’t been able to devote the time I need to in order to succeed.  I have started trying to learn more about the business and trying to talk to people about it.  It is really amazing how many great things you hear about the products from the people that use them.  I have only heard great things and I know how wonderful they really are.  They really work!  I mean, I can show you pictures that look like the person had plastic surgery, but they didn’t!  I would choose Rodan+Fields over someone sticking needles in my face ANY day!!!

I am hoping that by writing a blog about this skincare line (I know I have said the word products like 50 times), that I will gather some interest.  If any of you are looking for ways to make extra money by only working a few hours a week, this is perfect for you!  If you are a stay at home mom and would love the extra income, this is perfect for you!  If you work full-time but would love extra money to play with, this is perfect for you!  On top of the money, you get to spread the word and help men, women, teens, etc. all feel better about themselves, you get to meet new people, you compete in contests that you could win some very NICE prizes and trips, etc.  On top of all of this, there is a 60 day money back GUARANTEE, so what do you have to lose!!!???!!!  Maybe you are bored and would love to feel challenged and let me tell you, this is a very rewarding business.  You can’t help but get excited about it! Plus, there are so many people willing to help you and coach you all the way to success.  If you are serious about wanting to do this, and are willing to take advantage of all of the wonderful tools and advice, I promise, there is no way to fail.

If you are not interested in the business side of things at this time, I hope that you would still be willing to become a customer, eh hem…a PREFERRED customer, and take advantage of all that I have to offer you through these amazing miracle products!!! Yes, miracle products!  🙂  Let me tell you a little more about them….

As I said before, there are four regimens:

Redefine-this is for the appearance of lines, pores and loss of firmness (4 steps:  1-daily cleansing mask, 2-pore minimizing toner, 3-triple defense treatment (daytime), 4-overnight restorative cream (nighttime))

Reverse-this is for brown spots, dullness and sun damage (4 steps:  1-deep exfoliating wash, 2-skin lightening toner, 3-skin lightening treatment, 4-broad spectrum spf 50+ sunscreen)

Soothe-this is for sensitive, irritaged skin and facial redness-think eczema, rosacea, psoriasis (4 steps:  1-gentle cream wash, 2-sensitive skin treatment, 3-moisture replenishing cream, 4-mineral sunscreen)

Unblemish-this is for acne and post acne marks (4 steps:  1-acne treatment sulfur wash, 2-spot fading toner or 2-clarifying toner, 3-dual intensive acne treatment, 4-oil control lotion)

When you sign up, depending on what your biggest area of concern is when it comes to your skin, you would normally choose one of these regimens.  Keep in mind, these are not just for women.  Men may not show it, but are just as concerned with signs of aging!  I have seen a LOT of people using the soothe regimen on small children with eczema, and there is a wonderful results picture of what the soothe products will do to a bad sunburn.  Personally, when I do have a breakout, I use the unblemish products, along with my redefine.  The reverse is wonderful for people with sun spots, or a lot of people with darker skin tend to have dark spots and this is useful for those as well. 

On top of the four regimens, there are additional fun items (I mentioned those above).  I always love the little extras. 

Enhancements-these optimize the results of your regimen-Micro-dermabrasion paste, Body Micro-dermabrasion bar, Lip Micro-dermabrasion and mineral peptides.  The dermabrasion products are exfoliators to help remove the dead skin on your body, face, lips.  The peptides are like a powder that is used to even skin tone and diffuse visible redness while protecting the skin.

Essentials-these are everyday dermatological necessities (fun stuff)-Sunscreen, lip shield (chapstick), daily body moisturizer, foaming sunless tanning foam (SOOOO POPULAR, I VOUCH FOR THIS!  IT IS AWESOME), vitamin D3 supplement, moisturizer with melaslow, and the cool gauze pads that allow your toner to last a lot longer than if you use cotton.

There are also little extras in the Redefine line.  I would assume because that is the biggest seller and most people’s biggest concern.  These products are really great yall….

Redefine Extras:

Night Renewing Serum-these are incredible!  They come in these little blue capsules, and you may have seen them in the mini-facial treats that I love to give away!  They improve your skin texture and firmness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  Again, incredible!

Eye Clothes-these are cloths used to remove make-up while depositing anti-aging peptides to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and puffiness.  I have learned from other R+F consultants though, that they use these to remove all of the make-up off of their face before using their regimens, so I have started to do the same thing.  The cloths are very big, so they work perfectly.

Multi-function Eye Cream-this is what I want to try next!  These are supposed to minimize the look of crow’s feet and reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.  I have horrible bags under my eyes because I either sleep too much or not enough.  I just can’t seem to get it right! 

Lip Renewing Serum-these are in silver capsules and also come in the mini-facial treats and you put the serum on your lips to smooth the texture and reduce lip wrinkles.  It makes your lips feel so good!

Hand Treatment Regimen-I also want to try this soon.  I always think my hands look old.  I see a lot of people with older looking hands from washing dishes, but I don’t do that, haha, so I don’t know why mine look old, but the hand treatment regimen is to reducs the visible signs of aging on the hands.  It will minimize age spots, visibly brightens skin, diminishes visible redness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and crepey skin.

MACRO-EXFOLIATOR-also referred to as the Macro-E-this is a fairly new tool and was a HUGE deal when it came out a few months ago and has basically been sold out since.  Every time more become available, they are gone!  I got one in my consultant kit and it is really awesome!  It is a handheld exfoliation tool that sweeps away dead skin cells which leaves your looking smoothe and healthy!  The kit contains the rechargeable exfoliator, 2 month supply of cooling gels, charging base, ac adaptor, user guide, quick start guide, tip cleaning brush, spare exfoliation filter, one years supply of filter pads and filter pad tweezers.  This is a great deal if you get the consultant kit.  This will give you amazing looking skin without going to the professionals!  There are also replacements available for this tool-the filters, pads, and cooling gels.


Now, I know I have given you a LOT of information and if you read it all like I asked, thank you so much!  I have seen how this stuff works and if you want more information, please, do not hesistate to ask me!  I would love to fill you in on ANYTHING you would like to know, and if you want to know something that I don’t know, I will find out for you!  I post a lot of things on my facebook page, and I think I am about to go start a consultant page on facebook, where I can post more without driving people crazy. 

Please check out my websites and browse around and see what you think.  If anything is confusing, let me know, please….

Interested in being a customer?  Please check out my page at

Interested in joining my business?  Please check out my page at

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to email me at, or text me at 512-229-8666, or find me on facebook at!/colleenlinder1980

As I mentioned before, I have mini-facial goody bags that I love giving out to those interested in my business!  If you would like one, let me know!  I can get it to you personally or mail it to you.  Again, thank you for reading my blog and I hope you decide to join this awesome business while it is just taking off! 

If you are interested and decide to become a Preferred Customer, if you do so by the end of July, I will reimburse you for your Preferred Customer one-time fee.  Once you are signed up, I will send you a $20 bill in the mail!  Just let me know you read it here.  🙂




Elgin High School-Class of 1998 Reunion!!!

Hi everyone!  This post is specifically for members of the Elgin High School Class of 1998!!!  If you were a part of our class at sometime during our grade school years, but maybe didn’t necessarily graduate with us, well, I am talking to you too!!!  It is that time again, the time for another reunion.  Personally, I cannot believe that it has been 15 years since we graduated from high school.  Most of the time, it still seems like yesterday…

I know that these days, it is a lot easier to keep in touch with each other, whether it is because you are like me and still in Elgin, or through awesome inventions, like Facebook, which allowS us a little insight into each other’s lives…HOWEVER, it has proven to still be a lot of fun to get our class together every five years and reminisce and laugh and visit with one another.  I have been REALLY busy lately, for those of you that know me, and I procrastinated WAY too much with our reunion this year.  At the 10 year reunion, we had a great time getting to spend TWO nights together, but unfortunately, “Horse-n-Around” is no longer open for us to gather at.  There are not a lot of options as far as clubs/bars are concerned, so I chose one night for us to gather.  Not sure how many of you have been to Regulator’s in Elgin, but it is a sports bar with great food and drinks, and I know the owner personally, and he is a GREAT guy!  Regulators is located in the building where Crosstown BBQ was located before it went out of business.  It is on Avenue C, I believe.  I know that the class of 2002 had their 10 year reunion there last year, and I remember thinking it was a great idea, so on Friday, I spoke to Mr. Love about us having ours there too and so it seems, that will be our spot this year!

Now, what I need from all of you, is for you to get back to me and let me know if you will be there, and if you will have a guest with you, such as your spouse, friend, sibling, whatever…I just need to get a pretty accurate head count, as soon as possible, so that Mr. Love and I can discuss the details and then I can pass them on to you.  Our past two reunions, the costs have basically been covered by what we still had in our bank account from our senior year.  This year, we are going to each pay our own way.  I am not sure what it will be, but trust me, we will do everything we can to keep it to the very minimum, and I promise it won’t be much.  I am not sure how much money is still in our account, or if there is any, but last I heard, Chris was still in New Zealand, and it is a pain to mess with it anyway.  I honestly don’t think there is any in there, so it is not a big deal. 

Once I get an estimate of the people attending, then I will be able to figure out what the cost to each person will be, what food we will have, if we will have music, etc.  It will be a lot of fun, I am sure of it, so I hope everyone can make it!  I have already heard from a few people.  It will be on June 22 and it will be that night.  Probably beginning around 7 or 8.  That is the weekend of Western Days, as always. 

Saturday morning, we will have a float in the parade, as we always do.  Monica Cannon Justice and I are trying to get that together.  Once I have details of that, I can let yall know the plan for decorating that or whatever.  We always have a really good time on the float in the parade.  It is always SOOOO HOT though, so plan accordingly.  We will discuss that as it gets sooner though.

Okay, since I have already waited way too long, please let me know if you are going to be able to make it to Regulators on the night of June 22nd for our Reunion.  Also, if you will be able to make it to ride in the parade with us, you could let me know that too. 

You can let me know if you will make it to the reunion by TEXT (512)229-8666 or  by EMAIL  Please let me know NO LATER THAN this Friday, JUNE 7!!!!  Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!!!



Exciting News!!!

I know it’s been a while, and I miss y’all and writing sooooo much, but between work and Sammy and his school and baseball, time is not something I have much of!

I just got some exciting news that I had to share though!!! On Thursday, May 9, rumor has it that President Obama will be at my place of employment!!! He is supposed to be at Manor New Tech High School and then, here, at Applied Materials!!!! I doubt I get to see him because the secret service is already here and I am sure security will be tight, but you never know!!!! I hope so!!!

Whether you like him or not, he is the President of our country and I would be honored to meet or catch a glimpse of him!!!! I will keep y’all posted!!! 🙂

Bastrop and Lee County Groundwater Issues

This is an article out of the Bastrop Advertiser.  It is pertaining to the groundwater issues that are the hot topic in Bastrop and Lee counties right now.  The water in the Simsboro Aquifer is at risk of being pumped out and given to other areas in the state that are lacking water.  This story has been big news around the area lately, from the Austin, Smithville, Bastrop papers to the local news stations.  Sadly, there has been nothing written about it in the Elgin paper, so my wise mentor thought I better put it on here so that the community can be aware of what is going on.

Pumping permits tabled

Friday, March 22, 2013    |    Terry Hagerty

The message from  Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District concerning applications to  pump water from the Simsboro Aquifer was “need more time to study it.”

The  water district’s directors unanimously voted Wednesday night during a  meeting at Bastrop City Hall to table three of four requests to pump  underground water – totaling approximately 60,000 acre-feet per year –  from the Simsboro in Bastrop and Lee counties until their next meeting.

The  vote to table the majority of requests from private and public entities  came after a public hearing in which most speakers said there’s not  information presented on what the long-term effects might be – including  potential pollution – on drawing down the aquifer. The speakers also  expressed concerns about their own individual water supplies if the  requests were approved. LPWCD general manager Joe Cooper had recommended  to the board approval of all the applications.

A request from the  city of Bastrop to pump 1,613 acre feet per year, to augment its public  water supply, was approved by the board, because it was not believed  that request would have much impact on the aquifer, according to Jim  Totten, assistant general manager of the water district.

But the  board tabled requests from three other entities, including Forestar Real  Estate Group to pump 45,000 acre-feet per year from 10 wells. Those  wells are all within Lee County and mainly around the town of Lexington.  Forestar said it would sell the water to (entities) in Bastrop, Lee,  Hays, Travis and Williamson counties.

Requests were also tabled  from the LCRA, which wants to pump 10,000 acre feet from five wells for  “industrial purposes,” and Heart of Texas Suppliers LP, which would pump  3,360 acre feet annually from two wells.

The requestors have  acquired permission from landowners – through leases – to take the water  from under their properties and are now seeking approval from the  conservation district, which then would allow them to use and/or sell  the water to other buyers.

Totten said a technical analysis  performed by D.B. Stephens, the district’s hydrology consultants,  concluded that if all four permit requests were granted it should not  draw the top portion of the aquifer (i.e. where water is first  encountered) below a level – in 50 years – which is termed “desired  future conditions.”

Six current test wells show the current aquifer elevation ranging from 250 feet down to 314 feet.

In 50 years, the desired future condition is not to go below an additional 237 feet, Totten said.

Speakers against approvals

Some  speakers said they had already had to pay for digging their current  wells deeper because of the drought and did not want to confront  potentially more water loss.

Sharon Faske, a Lee County resident  told the board, “45,000 acre feet seems like an unreasonable amount to  (go) out of the aquifer” in one year.

As did several speakers,  Faske said she had not heard sufficient information during the meeting  on the impact the pumping could have.

“The research is  inconclusive, from what I’m hearing tonight,” Faske said, adding a  decrease in the aquifer would also lessen area property values.

After  listening to nearly two dozen speakers during the public comment  portion of the meeting, the board said they wanted more time to study  the other three requests.

At least one board member – Ken Daughtry  – said he shared the concerns of many of the speakers, most of whom  said they were landowners with private wells within the two counties.

During  questioning of Cooper, Daughtry commented, “You’ll have a desert,”  referring to the amount of water that could leave the county over the  next fifty years if all the pumping requests were approved. Other  additional requests for permits for pumping are expected in the coming  months, Daughtry added.

Spring Football in Elgin

Hey everyone, I am not sure if you have seen info about it yet, but this year they are having spring football in Elgin! It will be for kids aged 7-12 and it IS tackle football. There are only two more dates to sign up, so if you are interested, get to the public library on one of the two following dates….They are Saturday from 1-3 and Next Tuesday from 5-7. Please spread the word to anyone else who may be interested!

Lots of loss and sadness in our community….

For the third time this month, our community will be saying goodbye to another young life….

This morning, right before 7 a.m., Gregory Robinson was on his way home from work.  He worked in Taylor, and as he was almost home to Elgin, he tried passing an 18 wheeler in a no passing zone.  As he attempted to pass the 18 wheeler heading South on Hwy 95, there was also an 18 wheeler heading North.  At some point, Gregory lost control of his vehicle and struck one of the 18 wheelers.  Both drivers of the trucks tried to avoid hitting Gregory, and both trucks ended up on their sides.  When Gregory’s car collided with one of them, it burst into flames.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.  Gregory was 22 years old and had just celebrated his birthday this past Friday, on January 18th.

Gregory’s untimely passing comes on the heels of another young man’s death.  Glenn Alexander, also of Elgin and only 24 years old, was killed in a car accident last Friday, January 18th, ironically on Gregory’s birthday.  He died in a car accident also on Hwy 95, but between Elgin and Bastrop.  The details of the wreck are not important at this point.  It is just a shame that in less than a week we have lost two young men and both of them on “death road.”

As if this wasn’t enough, on January 2nd, Jaime Vega, of Elgin and only 18 years old, was killed tragically in an incident in Mexico, while he was visiting family.  He was a very loved young man with a bright smile and lots of friends.  He just graduated this past May.  He was a member of the varsity football and soccer teams and his family owns a restaurant in Elgin.  The San Jose Restaurant on Depot Street.

It hurts my heart to see all of these kids and young people having to deal with all of this loss at their age, but I find comfort in the fact that they all seem to be right with the Lord and are able to find comfort knowing that their friends and family are rejoicing in Heaven.

Please keep our community in your thoughts and prayers as many prepare to say goodbye to their friends in the upcoming weeks.  I just hope that this isn’t a sign of what the rest of 2013 will hold.